Worldwide Logistics Support

The T.J. Clark team has extensive experience with life support logistics and equipment life cycle management both here in the US and abroad.

Our subject matter experts possess the technical and operational knowledge for a broad range of operational mission postures.

Our team has experience with providing the following life support logistics:

  • Security/Personal Protective Detail
  • Housing/Accommodations 
  • Transportation (land, air & sea)
  • Equipment Rental (tents, HVAC, tables, chairs)

T.J. Clark's equipment life cycle management extends from expeditionary equipment to shelter systems and the life support equipment that supports the shelter. The T.J. Clark team will ensure that your equipment is maintained, repaired when necessary and fully operational for your next mission.

Our team has worked with the following shelter systems:

  • Base-X
  • Western Shelters
  • TVI Corp/IRT/AirBoss

In addition our cadre of experts are capable of providing, maintaining and repairing the following life support equipment:

  • Generators
  • Environmental Control Units (ECUs)
  • Heaters
  • Bladder Systems
  • Hose Systems