Fuel System Supply Point


Fuel System Supply Point


The Fuel System Supply Point is used to store and distribute quantities of bulk fuel to various type of units under tactical conditions. T.J. Clark International is able to design and deliver any configuration however a typical system has the following characteristics. The price shown is for the NSN: 4930-00-142-5313 configuration.

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(1) Capable of receiving fuel from tank truck, rail, pipeline or hose line.

(2) Capable of storing from 60,000 USG to 1.2 Million USG depending upon bladder and pump configuration.

(3) Capable of storing two different types of fuel at the same time.

(4) Capable of bypassing storage tanks and pumping directly from receiving points to distribution points.

(5) Capable of performing any combination of refueling tasks common at a fuel system supply point.

(6) Capable of being divided into two independent fuel systems.

(7) Components of the fuel system are lightweight and highly portable.