Expeditionary Fuel & Water Distribution Systems

350 GPM Trailer Mounted Pump

The 350 GPM pumping assembly is a mobile pump that transfers gasoline, jet fuels, and light liquid petroleum fuels. It is trailer mounted and is towed by a vehicle for short distances. When moved, the 350 GPM pumping assembly is disconnected from the towing vehicle and then stabilized. Hoses are connected to the equipment between the fuel source and destination. The engine is started and the fuel flow is controlled by gate valves. 

350 GPM Fuel System Filter/Separator

The 350 GPM Filter Separator is designed to remove water and solid matter from contaminated liquid fuels. The system consists primarily of a welded tank with a removable tank cap that allows for access to replace the filter elements in accordance with the operating manual. The system is controlled and regulated by flow controls and gauges. The system is used in conjunction with equipment designed for the fueling of military aircraft, vehicles and pipeline systems.

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Fuel System Supply Point

The Fuel System Supply Point is used to store and distribute quantities of bulk fuel to various type of units under tactical conditions. T.J. Clark International is able to design and deliver any configuration however a typical system has the following characteristics. The price shown is for the NSN: 4930-00-142-5313 configuration.

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Forward Area Refueling Equipment (FARE) NSN: 4930–01–301–8201

The Forward Area Refueling Equipment (FARE) is a lightweight, highly mobile, system that is primarily utilized to transfer fuel from 500 gallon (1892.5 liters) collapsible drums to helicopters in forward combat areas. In a secondary function the system is able to refuel fixed wing and ground vehicles.

FARE System Includes: 100 GPM (378.5 Liters) Pump Assembly, 100 GPM (378.5 Liters) Filter Separator Assembly, Suction Hose Kit (Six Suction Hoses, Two Ground Rods & Carry Container), Hose & Component Kit-“T” Discharge and Hose Component Kit -“Y” Discharge.

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